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True story from a day-in-the-life. Here’s a piece of advice. When you contact someone to do work for you, don’t put them in the uncomfortable position of having to decide whether your money is worth having to deal with creepy subtext in your messages to them. >:I

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Guys, I have been feeling street harassment SO HARD lately. I cannot handle the incessant fucking barrage of bullshit men hurl at me on the street Every Day. Literally Every Single Day! The other day I left my house and didn’t even make it a SINGLE BLOCK before a man told me I was beautiful. When I ignored him he yelled that he “just wanted to talk to me.” I kept walking and formulating all the things I should have said to him (but I CAN’T because he might fucking DO SOMETHING TO ME) and 3 blocks later some other motherfucker told he was “being totally sincere, I find you very sexy” and then when I IGNORED HIM TOO he had the fucking audacity to say “what, no thank you?” to me like I OWED HIM SOMETHING.

I AM SO SICK OF IT. I just want to leave my house without the constant expectation of this shit. I’m sick of every person who will think “oh it must be hard being pretty” (an actual thing men have said to me/commented on my FB posts complaining about street harassment) because THAT’S NOT WHAT IT’S ABOUT. And fuck you for even saying it!

I just, ugh. I needed to read this comic today and I’m grateful that Ramsey exists in this world and I get to call her a friend. Because I can’t have a conversation about street harassment without breaking into expletives, but maybe someone will see this comic calmly detailing how fucking exhausting it is to deal with this shit every day and it’ll finally click for them and they’ll stop saying shitty things to women on the street or the bus or at the bar.

Share it with the people you know who need to see it, who maybe don’t get it, who have something to learn.


OTTERS!!!!! I swam with them.

Read the full article in the new Seashore issue of LUCKY PEACH.

Dream Vacation: Swimming with Otters.


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Research shows long-acting reversible methods to be…freakin’ awesome but most women don’t know it.   If you don’t know, now you know. 

You realize that everything the police are doing in Ferguson is carefully calculated, right? They’re purposely turning peaceful protests into riots. They’re purposely committing violence to incite violence. From saying ‘We won’t be answering 911 calls,’ which is a very clever way to set themselves up to be able to say, ‘We were afraid for our safety - any call could really be an ambush, our lives were in danger’ right down to the camouflage and the military tanks and wearing more body armor than a soldier in a war zone. Its exactly why they’re going for a media blackout - yet allowing certain photos through - they WANT you to see their tanks. They want you to see their riot gear. They WANT you to see a war-zone. They’re trying to sell the world the idea that this community is inherently and constantly a source of violence and turmoil - they want you to think that they [the police] are being attacked daily in a place so vicious they need full body armor. You know why? Because then, at the end of the day, you might just be able to believe the story they’re going to spin. They’re going to tell you that this (white) officer goes to work in this war zone every day - that he spends every working moment in constant fear for his life. They’re going to tell you that Michael Brown attacked this officer. And then they’re going to bring up everything that has happened in the aftermath and try to use it to convince you that he shot that little boy because he was afraid for his life. They’re setting up a defense. You mark my words, they’re trying to set up a defense.
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My Little Brony. After he lined them all up he knocked them off the table in one shot. What a beast.


More girls should join boys’ teams so it could be a tradition and it wouldn’t be so special.” - 13-year-old Mo’Ne Davis, the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series in its 68-year history, the FIRST girl to throw a Little League World Series SHUTOUT. Her fastball? 70 MILES PER HOUR. #throwlikeagirl #BlackGirlsROCK

Every time I see this girl’s photo or hear her name or even just the words “Little League World Series” I tear up a little, and that is not a reaction I usually have toward baseball. I can’t take it, it’s so so good.

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Robin Williams didn’t die from suicide. I only just heard the sad, sad news of Robin Williams’s death. My wife sent me a message to tell me he had died, and, when I asked her what he died from, she told me something that nobody in the news seems to be talking about.

When people die from cancer, their cause of death can be various horrible things – seizure, stroke, pneumonia – and when someone dies after battling cancer, and people ask “How did they die?”, you never hear anyone say “pulmonary embolism”, the answer is always “cancer”. A Pulmonary Embolism can be the final cause of death with some cancers, but when a friend of mine died from cancer, he died from cancer. That was it. And when I asked my wife what Robin Williams died from, she, very wisely, replied “Depression”.

The word “suicide” gives many people the impression that “it was his own decision,” or “he chose to die, whereas most people with cancer fight to live.” And, because Depression is still such a misunderstood condition, you can hardly blame people for not really understanding. Just a quick search on Twitter will show how many people have little sympathy for those who commit suicide…

But, just as a Pulmonary Embolism is a fatal symptom of cancer, suicide is a fatal symptom of Depression. Depression is an illness, not a choice of lifestyle. You can’t just “cheer up” with depression, just as you can’t choose not to have cancer. When someone commits suicide as a result of Depression, they die from Depression – an illness that kills millions each year. It is hard to know exactly how many people actually die from Depression each year because the figures and statistics only seem to show how many people die from “suicide” each year (and you don’t necessarily have to suffer Depression to commit suicide, it’s usually just implied). But considering that one person commits suicide every 14 minutes in the US alone, we clearly need to do more to battle this illness, and the stigmas that continue to surround it. Perhaps Depression might lose some its “it was his own fault” stigma, if we start focussing on the illness, rather than the symptom. Robin Williams didn’t die from suicide. He died from Depression*. It wasn’t his choice to suffer that.

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Civil Rights Movement vs Ferguson Protests

Oh, how we have progressed….

This is depressing and terrifying and I want it to be over (in the positive way, where black teens don’t get shot for no reason). Or if we’re being real, where no one (people of color, women of color, etc.) is harassed, arrested, abused, murdered, etc. for no reason.

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The above pages are Chapter 2 of my graphic memoir Tomboy, which will be released on September 2nd.  In addition to the preview zine (which was given out at comic conventions and book expos across the country this summer) I wanted to give folks who weren’t able to get one a sneak peek at the book.  This is a different chapter than was in the preview zine, so if you’ve got one of those as well, then you’ve been able to read TWO CHAPTERS of the book before anyone else!  Lucky ducks!

I hope you enjoy the pages, will share them with your friends and followers, and are looking forward to the day when you can get Tomboy at your favorite bookstore/comic shop!  (If you just can’t wait, you can preorder book directly from the publisher HERE).  I will be posting my book tour dates in support of Tomboy at the end of the week, so stay tuned!

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Yesssssss. Get so stoked for Liz’s new book. Read this preview chapter!

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